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Jörgen Hägg's manual, in Swedish: swedish_mm_manual.src.tgz.

The groff_mm(7) man page.


Mike Lesk's Typing Documents on the UNIX System: Using the -ms Macros with Troff and Nroff extracted from volume 2A of the 7th Edition manual.



Eric Allman has written two papers, Writing Papers with NROFF using -me, and -me Reference Manual. Both can be found updated for groff in groff's ‘doc’ directory as ‘meintro.me’ and ‘meref.me’.


A simple set of macros good enough to write Unix man pages which are the forum of documentation used in the Unix operating system. Jens Schweikhardt's man-Page Howto gives guidance on how to use them; no Unix program, library, or file format is complete without a man page describing it. Larry Kollar's Writing Effective Manual Pages is also recommended.




Peter Schaffter's new macro package based on his personal library of macros. There's a brief introduction by Peter in Linux Gazette.


Benn Newman's macro package typesets documents using the MLA style.


David Given's new macro package currently under development has paragraph styles.


Bruce Lilly's macros for formatting Internet-Drafts and RFCs.


Larry Kollar's label printing macro package released under the GPL.


Bob Diertens's gpresent is a package for making presentations with GNU groff and acroread. It consist of a set of macros, called present, to be used with groff and a post-processor for manipulating the PostScript output of groff. Without the use of the PAUSE macro, it can also be used for making slides.

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From:    Rick Richardson <rickr@mn.rr.com>
WRT: mv

‘A Macro Package for View Graphs and Slides’
T. A. Dolotta
D. W. Smith

There is no date on that Bell Labs memorandum that I can find, but
some of the examples in its appendix are dated 2/4/87.
‘The -mpm Macro Package’ B. W. Kernighan and C. J. Van Wyk. 
Describes the -mpm macros, a version of -ms that does automatic page
     Author: Brian W. Kernighan
     Author: Christopher J. Van Wyk
      Title: Page Makeup by Postprocessing Text Formatter Output
      Pages: 103-132
  Publisher: USENIX Association
Proceedings: Computing Systems
       Date: Spring 1989
     Volume: 2
 Num in Vol: 2
Institution: AT&T Bell Laboratories

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